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Medical coverage

All our plans include 24/7 assistance in case of accidents and unforeseen illnesses. Including hospitalizations, surgical interventions and purchase of prescription drugs up to the contracted coverage limit.


Medical coverage + cancellation

We cover hotel expenses, essential supplies and communications made during the delay or cancellation of the flight up to the contracted limit. You only have to notify the operational center and present the original receipts that demonstrate the cancellation or delay.


Trip cancellation due to unforeseen events

If for any of the stipulated reasons you could not carry out your trip, the penalties for early cancellation are covered: tourist packages, air tickets, contracted experiences, excursions and cruises, within the limits of the type of policy.


Medical expenses




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Frequent questions

What does travel insurance cover?

A: It covers unforeseen situations that may occur during the trip, such as a sudden illness, injury, flight cancellation, lost luggage, among others. All Vista Travel Assist plans offer coverage for medical assistance due to accident or illness, expenses for flight delays or cancellations, medical and funeral repatriation, compensation for trip cancellation, dental emergencies, VIP rooms and many more.

In the event of an accident while traveling in a motor vehicle, does travel insurance cover me?

A: Yes, the insurance covers you and the healthcare you need up to the contracted limit. What is not covered is damage to the vehicle or damage caused by the vehicle to others.

When should I buy travel insurance?

A: If you contract your travel insurance without cancellation, you can do it up to the same day as the start date of the trip.

In case of contracting the Multi-Cause Cancellation Upgrade or the cancellation benefit, the insurance must be purchased on the same day the trip is contracted, or at most in the following 3 days.

Is travel insurance necessary for all destinations?

A: Before the COVID-19 pandemic, travel medical insurance was required to enter certain countries, such as the Schengen Area, Cuba, or Russia. However, in the wake of the pandemic, the number of countries requiring travel medical insurance has increased significantly. general conditions

Does travel insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

A: All of our products cover pre-existing condition assistance. For greater protection, it is advisable to contract the Medical Assistance Upgrade for pre-existing illness and the coverage will increase up to $30,000 depending on the contracted plan.

What happens if I have to cancel my trip?

A: VISTA TRAVEL ASSIST will cover up to the maximum coverage according to the contracted plan, the penalties for early cancellation of a trip known as tours, tourist packages, excursions, air tickets and cruises.

What do I need to receive the trip cancellation benefit?

R: 1. Contract the plan with a difference of up to 72 hours after the tourist package and/or cruise is contracted.

2. Notify the Assistance Services Center within a maximum of 24 hours after the event that led to the cancellation occurred.

3. Present all the documentation that VISTA TRAVEL ASSIST considers to evaluate the coverage of this benefit.

4. The Beneficiary has up to thirty (30) continuous days from the date of the event to present the complete documentation and supporting documents necessary to start the reimbursement process.

How to process a refund?

A: Contact the insurance company and follow their instructions. Be sure to save all necessary documents and receipts to support your claim. Next, click to download the Documentation required to process the refund

Does the travel insurance cover adventure sports and high-risk activities?

A: Vista Travel Assist provides coverage for equestrian sports, snow sports, team sports, power sports, winter sports, martial arts, championship shooting sports practiced on regulated ranges; water sports, skiing, surfing, recreational kite surfing, recreational scuba diving (up to 15 meters), swimming, skating, snowboarding, when practiced as amateur activities.

Additionally, the Professional Sports Upgrade can be contracted , where Vista Travel Assist will cover the costs of care resulting from accidents occurring during high-risk recreational practice, in professional practice competitions (up to the limit of your contracted medical coverage without exceeding USD 100,000).

Can I take out travel insurance if my trip has already started and/or I am at my destination?

A: Yes, you can contract the Travel Plan for days, but you must take into account that anything that has happened to you prior to the start of this policy will be considered a pre-existing and therefore will not be covered. All contracts at destination have 72h of grace period or penalty from the moment of contracting.

Can I extend my travel insurance if I decide to stay longer at the destination?

A: Yes, you must make the request before the expiration of the initial plan, to the mail of
and once approved you will be able to issue the new certificate.

How much does an extension cost?

A: Rates vary according to age and the number of days you wish to extend the plan.

Does travel insurance cover theft or loss of personal items?

A: Yes, at Vista Travel Assist, we offer guidance in case of lost documents/baggage and in addition, you can purchase the Upgrade of personal belongings and technological protection for peace of mind. Note: The guarantee for theft of your luggage gives you coverage as long as the theft occurs with intimidation and the police report is attached.

What is multi-trip or annual travel insurance?

A: It is a policy that covers multiple trips within a 12-month period, ideal for frequent travelers.

How does the Annual Multi-Trip plan work?

A: With our Annual Multi-Trip plan , you will be covered for all the trips you take during a year. Just keep in mind that each trip cannot exceed 30, 60 or 90 days in duration, depending on the option chosen in the insurance contract.

Does the travel insurance cover repatriation in case of emergency?

A: Yes, most travel insurance policies include coverage for emergency medical repatriation. Medical repatriation is understood as the transfer of the sick or injured Beneficiary from the place where he/she is to the airport of entry of the country of usual residence and where the voucher should have been issued.

Is there an age limit for taking out travel insurance?

At vista Travel Assist, we offer coverage up to age 85 and the Senior Plan was developed for seniors from age 86 to 110.

Does travel insurance cover pregnancy?

A: Some policies cover pregnancy-related complications, but there are generally restrictions based on the stage of pregnancy and pre-existing conditions. In our Travel plans for days, we can add the Pregnant Mothers Upgrade for greater protection in case of any complication, the maximum gestation time to acquire this benefit is 32 weeks.

What is the time limit for filing a claim?

A: The beneficiary has up to 30 continuous days to submit the required documentation, depending on the type of reimbursement.

How long does it take to process a claim?

A: Processing time varies by insurance company and complexity of the claim, but generally ranges from a few weeks to several months.

How can I pay for my travel insurance?

A: You can pay your travel insurance online by: Debit or credit card (Mastercard, Visa and American Express), Zelle and PayPal (The policy will not be active until we receive the amount or proof of payment made).

Is Vista Travel Assist assistance insurance valid worldwide?

A: Yes, we cover anywhere in the world.

Can I cancel my voucher?

A: You can only cancel your voucher 24 hours before it becomes effective.

How should I proceed if I have an emergency?

R: Deberás comunicarte con nuestra central de asistencia hasta las próximas 24 horas, los números los encontrarás en tu voucher en la página 3. Dar clic para ver números de emergencia

If the beneficiary calls to report an accident and the assistance plan has expired, is the service provided?

A: Service will be coordinated at the Beneficiary’s request, but all costs must be covered by the Beneficiary.

What is the period of time in which the benefits indicated on the voucher can be obtained?

A: The period of validity is understood as the period of time during which the benefits indicated in the voucher can be obtained, which is the period from 00:00 hours of the date of departure abroad from the country of permanent residence until 23:59 hours of the date of return to the country of permanent residence indicated in the voucher.

What are the justified causes for cancellation of a contracted trip?

A: Death, accident or serious illness of the beneficiary or relative in the first degree of consanguinity (spouse, siblings, children or parents), summons as a witness or juror in a court of law, damage by fire or theft, robbery or force of nature, and medical quarantine. Please refer to the General Conditions for complete information on this benefit.

When does the delayed or cancelled flight charge apply and what does it cover?

A: Applies if the beneficiary’s flight is delayed for more than 6 consecutive hours after the originally scheduled flight, and when there is no other transportation alternative. Reimbursement of hotel, meals and communication expenses during the waiting period will be reimbursed up to the maximum amount of coverage.